Kim McCall
aka Travel

Amazon Best New
Author Of The Year 2013

Ms. Kim's new novel "Her Bittersweet Desire" sold in hard cover is now available on Apple iTunes, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.

She is an outspoken, progressive and inspirational speaker who evokes innovation, vitality and engagement to diverse, enthusiastic and inquisitive audiences in order to create a dynamic and memorable learning experience.



Her Bittersweet Desire

His eyes are on you, but what’s lurking beneath that sexy smile atop that smooth Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R? Lawrence, better known as Fifty-Fifty likes runnin’ game and if you’re apt to be a pawn, then stand in line to get played. Nicole, blinded by a hunger for companionship and love at first sight, falls hard for the charismatic and fast-talking Fifty-Fifty. Three months of dates, drinks and wild intimate moments have Nicole wondering what’s next. One day, she shows up at his house and discovers Fifty-Fifty has gone ghost…he had the audacity to disconnect all his numbers – just hours before they had a date. Have you ever wondered how to determine a man’s availability? With the number of men that quietly lug around bags of deception, that is a tough question to answer at first glance. In fourteen scintillating chapters, you’ll find the real truth about married men - with baggage, who lead on single women. Women, who have invested their love and time, hoping to build a long-lasting relationship, but in turn receive a plethora of falling stock in matters of the heart. A soured relationship that ends in with a thud – transforming a burgeoning love into their bittersweet desire. Learn how married men prey on single women, the warning signs that can shine the spotlight on the lies, how to survive and move on.

She'll Take Your World

If you ever want to know how a single woman can take your husband, or boo, check out these stories. They’re filled with lessons you'll want to avoid. My name is Regine Arnold AKA Nae Nae. My high school boo, Walter Green, liked making a little bit of money. However, I wanted big money, so I set my eyes on Dr. Rocky Lift. He captured my heart and then I met his brother! These stories will make you think women are basically devious, but you'll find out that there are consequences. Who would think that by sleeping with a married man, you could end up in court? It happened to me. The judge ordered me to pay half the bills for Dr. Lift's estranged wife’s doctor visits. The chapters between these pages may get a little twisted and crazy. Women, men, and couples in general will be able to relate to this collection of short stories. To all the men out there, if you give a woman an inch, she’ll rock your world..

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Author, Mother and Master Communicator, Kim McCall aka Travel was born the second eldest of four girls in St Paul, Minnesota. A witty and independent personality, Kim dreamed of being her own boss, while both working in and watching her father successfully manage the family business. Informed at 15 years of age that she was the surviving twin sister, of an unnamed brother, she began journaling to express the loss of the brother she longed to know. After reflecting on the joyous and turbulent moments in her life…through hundreds of pages of life experiences, Kim felt the need to rest her pen at 18.

The birth of her daughter at age 20, ignited a fervor to write again. Kim hoped that one day her daughter would read her journals. Her two children now follow in her passion for writing and management; Kim’s daughter had a story published in the Minneapolis Spokesman at the age of 12 and today manages a store for one of the world's largest gross retail stores; Kim’s son is an entrepreneur. He expresses his joy for writing through rapping and producing music. Kim was married for 12 years and is now divorced. She now knows that she is a better person in spite of the outcome. Kim currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She feels so free when she’s writing so ladies (and gentlemen) let's get this party started!




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