Mission Statement

My mission is to increase breast cancer awareness & domestic violence through education with the communities.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence can affect us directly or indirectly. Its effect on all parties is damaging and sometimes permanent. In my case, I had to face it directly…with my own loving family. Normally, when people encounter dysfunction in their own families, they try tremendously to avoid it at all costs. Ignored all the warning signals and married a man who had been marred by the hand of violence. One day, my husband threw something at me. I put my hands up to protect my face, cutting my hands in the process. Those scars serve as reminder till this day. I did divorce him. Remember: physical violence is only ONE type of domestic abuse. Verbal abuse can escalate to physical violence from either the perpetrator or victim. Let’s educate each other about these truths before someone gets killed! I thank God that I’m alive to tell the story.

Breast Cancer Awareness
Cancer Took My Sister at 45
This is dedicated to my dear sister Charlene. Cancer took her at 45 years of age. I received a frantic call from my niece saying “Auntie, if you want to say your goodbyes, you better come now!” I jumped in the car, trying to get there as fast as I could. But, it was too late; she had just passed. I was devastated. Everything was a blur. Life changed all in one moment. Her daughter assumed the role as mother, and decided to raise both of her siblings – she also being very young. One was a special needs child. I could only image the challenges that she faced for doing that…I commend her! I will always miss my sister, Charlene! She would be happy to know that I am now passionate about educating others about this deadly disease.

Early diagnosis is key to fighting cancer. There are two months highlighted each year, dedicated to cancer awareness; October is for women; November is for men. Let's help each other! Partner up with your friends to make sure they get a checkup once a year! With unity we can fight cancer together!.

Love you sis RIP Charlene S.